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Silk Twisted Mulberry Silk Bonnet

Silk Twisted Mulberry Silk Bonnet

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Introducing our exquisite Silk Sleeping Bonnets for Women from Hair Contourer - the epitome of luxury and functionality. Elevate your sleep experience with our Double Layers Silk Twisted Sleeping Bonnet, crafted from 100% Pure Mulberry Silk with a lush 19 Momme weight.

For a Tranquil Night's Sleep: Improve the comfort and quality of your life with our Silk Twisted Sleeping Bonnet. Let Hair Contourer transform your nightly routine into a luxurious and relaxing experience. Silk balances your senses, calms your nervous system, and stimulates sensory points on your skin for a rejuvenating sleep.

Beauty and Healthy Routine: Enhance your beauty and healthy routine with this must-have accessory. The Silk Twisted Bonnet is a great complement to your hair care regimen, providing the ultimate protection for your tresses. Its smooth, silk surface reduces friction, preventing hair breakage and frizz, leaving you with healthier, more vibrant locks.

Premium Quality: Made from 100% Pure Mulberry Silk, our bonnet boasts a luxurious 19 Momme weight, ensuring durability and a soft, smooth texture. The double layers add an extra touch of opulence, making it the perfect accessory for all seasons. Experience the ultimate in comfort and style with Hair Contourer's Silk Sleeping Bonnet.

Chic and Versatile: Designed with a casual yet stylish flair, our bonnet is suitable for all occasions. Whether you're lounging at home or stepping out casually, this accessory effortlessly complements your look. With Hair Contourer, beauty and elegance go hand in hand.

Care Instructions: To preserve the pristine condition of your pure silk bonnet, follow these care tips:

  1. Hand Wash with Care: Use cool water or maintain a temperature of 30℃(86℉) for a gentle cleanse.
  2. Gentle Detergent: ONLY use pH-neutral liquid detergent to maintain the silk's integrity.
  3. Air Dry in the Shade: Preserve the natural beauty of your bonnet by line drying in the shade.

Choose Elegance, Choose Comfort: Our Silk Sleeping Bonnets for Women, featuring the exclusive HCSC21 model, redefine sophistication and comfort. Indulge in the luxury of Mulberry Silk - your hair and skin deserve the best. Order now and experience the opulence of a good night's sleep with Hair Contourer, where beauty meets the benefits of premium silk.


Customer Reviews

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Brandt Kreiger

Delivered faster than the declared time, The hat is pleasant to the touch, sewn with high quality. Double, for this you can use both sides. I have thin, not thick, shoulder-length hair. Everything fit well)) the elastic only on the back underside. The hat sits quite freely: during sleep it moved to its side, but remained on the head)) looks pretty!
I ordered another one today. The same seller, but a different model.
Sleeping in it is more pleasant than in synthetic. Satisfied with the purchase! Thank you!!

Natalie Stroman

Quality product

Rebekah Hand


Marjory Bergnaum

Very cute

Kayli Bruen

Package delivered quickly, great product, fits perfectly and looks exactly like in the picture. The note I got with the package is also a really nice touch. Highly recommended :)

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