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Silk Hair Bonnet for Women’s Night Sleep

Silk Hair Bonnet for Women’s Night Sleep

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Material: 100% Mulberry Silk

Feature: Multifunction

Applicable Season: Four Seasons

Item Type: Skullies & Beanies

Style: Casual

Pattern Type: Solid

Product Details 


Crafted from 6A Grade 100% pure mulberry silk, known for its exceptional quality and minimal frictional irritation to the skin.


Designed for long bonnets, suitable for women's night sleeping caps. Ideal for those with long curly, dreadlock, or braid hair.


Provides a larger capacity, with approximate dimensions of 23.6 inches in length and 13 inches in width.

Delicate Details: 

Features a soft flat design on the forehead to prevent leaving marks, even during extended wear. Adjustable waistband with two long ribbons ensures a secure fit, preventing slippage. Suitable for sleeping and showering for yourself, friends, or family members.


  1. Hair Protection: Shields long, curly, dreadlock, or braided hair from friction and damage during sleep.

  2. Comfortable Fit: Adjustable waistband and ribbons provide a secure and comfortable fit, preventing slippage.

  3. Gentle on Skin: Crafted from high-grade mulberry silk, minimizing skin irritation and leaving no marks.

  4. Versatile Usage: Suitable for both sleeping and showering, offering convenience and protection.

  5. Four-Season Wear: Designed for use throughout the year, adapting to different seasons and temperatures.

  6. Fashionable Style: Solid color and stylish design add a touch of elegance to your sleepwear ensemble.

Experience the luxurious benefits of our 100% pure mulberry silk nightcap, combining functionality with comfort for optimal hair care.

Customer Reviews

Based on 14 reviews
Anna Davies

Mulberry Silk Hair Bonnet

Rudy Kutch

Works really well and very smooth and soft. I didn't do the burn test for silk but it's definitely not as staticky as satin, so I assume it is silk. Great especially for the price. I have hair that goes to my bum so it is a little difficult to get the hair in, but when I wake up my hair is soft and not tangled. It does wrinkle a bit since I toss and turn in my sleep but so far so good!

Mariano Huel

looks good. good size

Mateo Friesen

Fast delivery. Well packed. Nice packaging inside. All praise for that part!
But - the strange thing about this product is that the material is smooth on the outside and rough on the inside. Considering that the purpose of this product is precisely the contact of the hair with the smooth side of the silk, the product actually has no purpose because the hair is not in contact with that side. However, I just turned it upside down and then it makes sense. But then the seams are visible.

Sim Rosenbaum

Very satisfied with it. I wake up with very soft hair, lint-free and no tangles. It is also much more comfortable than expected

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