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Ultimate IPL Hair Removal: Unlimited Flashes!

Ultimate IPL Hair Removal: Unlimited Flashes!

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IPL Hair Removal | Separated Ice Colling 17.0 


  1. Unlimited Flashes: Benefit from an unlimited number of flashes, ensuring an extended product lifespan for continuous and effective hair removal sessions.

  2. Manual/Automatic Light Output: Enjoy the flexibility of choosing between manual and automatic light output modes, providing a customizable and convenient hair removal experience.

  3. Ice Cooling Function: Experience enhanced comfort during hair removal with the integrated ice cooling function, ensuring a soothing and gentle treatment process.

  4. Unique Disinfection Base Design: The innovative disinfection base design promotes hygiene and cleanliness, ensuring a safe and sanitary hair removal environment.

  5. Compact and Attractive Design: With a small and attractive design, the device combines functionality with aesthetics, offering a sleek and portable solution for your hair removal needs.

  6. Certificate: Backed by CE, PSE, and RoHS certifications, the IPL Hair Removal Device meets international safety and quality standards, providing confidence in its efficacy and reliability.

  7. Flash Window: The 3.5cm² flash window provides optimal coverage for efficient hair removal sessions, enhancing the overall effectiveness of each treatment.

  8. Flashes: Enjoy unlimited flashes, ensuring longevity and durability for continuous and effective hair removal.

  9. Flash Speed: Experience flexibility with a flash speed ranging from 0.5 to 2.0 seconds per flash, accommodating varying preferences and allowing for a personalized hair removal experience.

  10. Input Power: Operate confidently with 48W (12V/3A) of input power, providing ample energy for consistent and efficient hair removal.

  11. Energy Levels: Customize your experience with three adjustable energy levels, allowing you to tailor the intensity based on comfort and specific hair removal requirements.

  12. Energy Range: The device offers an energy range of 6.0~12.0J, providing flexibility to adapt to different skin areas and sensitivities for optimal results.

  13. Energy per cm²: With energy ranging from 1.37J/cm² to 4.11J/cm², the device ensures effective treatment across various skin types and hair colors.

Benefits of Using IPL Hair Removal with Separated Ice Cooling:

  1. Enhanced Comfort: The integrated ice cooling function ensures a soothing and comfortable hair removal experience, minimizing discomfort associated with the treatment.

  2. Hygienic Design: The unique disinfection base design promotes a clean and sanitary environment, ensuring the safety and well-being of the user.

  3. Unlimited Usage: With unlimited flashes, the device offers an extended lifespan, providing an economical and sustainable solution for continuous hair removal.

  4. Customizable Modes: Choose between manual and automatic light output modes, allowing for a personalized and convenient hair removal experience tailored to individual preferences.

  5. Compact and Portable: The small and attractive design, coupled with its compact size, makes the device portable and visually appealing, adding convenience to your beauty routine.

  6. Certified Safety: Backed by CE, PSE, and RoHS certifications, the device adheres to international safety standards, ensuring a secure and effective hair removal process.

  7. Efficient Coverage: The 3.5cm² flash window ensures optimal coverage, making each hair removal session efficient and effective.

Elevate your hair removal routine with the advanced features and numerous benefits of the IPL Hair Removal Device with Separated Ice Cooling. 

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