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Ultimate Hair Removal Powerhouse 11.0

Ultimate Hair Removal Powerhouse 11.0

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IPL Photon Hair Removal 11.0

Advanced Features:

  1. Unlimited Flashes: Benefit from limitless flashes, ensuring a prolonged lifespan for continuous and effective hair removal sessions.

  2. 3 Energy Levels: Customize your hair removal experience with three adjustable energy levels, providing flexibility to cater to different skin sensitivities.

  3. 2 Flash Modes: Choose between Manual and Auto modes for a personalized and convenient hair removal experience, adapting to your preferred treatment approach.

  4. Visible Results in 4 Weeks: Experience noticeable hair reduction after just 4 weeks of consistent use, showcasing the effectiveness of the IPL Hair Removal Device.

  5. Quartz Lamp Technology: The device features a Quartz Lamp designed for hair removal, offering an extended usage life and durability for prolonged and reliable use.

  6. Certificate: Backed by CE, PSE, and RoHS certifications, ensuring adherence to international safety and quality standards for a secure and effective hair removal experience.

  7. Flash Window: The 3.5cm² flash window provides optimal coverage for efficient hair removal sessions, enhancing the overall effectiveness of each treatment.

  8. Flashes: Enjoy unlimited flashes, ensuring longevity and durability for continuous and effective hair removal.

  9. Flash Speed: Experience flexibility with a flash speed ranging from 0.5 to 2.0 seconds per flash, accommodating varying preferences and allowing for a personalized hair removal experience.

  10. Input Power: Operate confidently with 36W (12V/3A) of input power, providing ample energy for consistent and efficient hair removal.

  11. Energy Range: The device offers an energy range of 6.0~12.0J, providing flexibility to adapt to different skin areas and sensitivities for optimal results.

  12. Energy per cm²: With energy ranging from 1.37J/cm² to 4.11J/cm², the device ensures effective treatment across various skin types and hair colors.


  1. Permanent Hair Reduction: Achieve long-term hair reduction, leading to smoother and hair-free skin over time.

  2. Convenient and Customizable: With adjustable energy levels and flash modes, tailor your hair removal sessions to your comfort and preference.

  3. Time-Efficient Results: Noticeable hair reduction is visible after just 4 weeks, providing swift and efficient results for your beauty routine.

  4. Durable and Reliable: The Quartz Lamp technology ensures a longer usage life, offering durability and reliability for extended and effective hair removal use.

  5. Safe and Certified: Backed by CE, PSE, and RoHS certifications, the device prioritizes safety, providing confidence in its adherence to international standards.

  6. User-Friendly: Enjoy a user-friendly design with customizable settings, making the hair removal process seamless and convenient.

  7. Economical and Sustainable: With unlimited flashes, the device offers an economical and sustainable solution for continuous hair removal, eliminating the need for frequent replacements.

Elevate your hair removal routine with the advanced features and numerous benefits of the IPL Hair Removal Device. 

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FAQ: Unveiling IPL Technology: A Comprehensive Guide to Permanent Hair Removal

What is IPL?

IPL, or Intense Pulsed Light, stands as a cutting-edge technology employed by both cosmetic and medical practitioners to undertake various skin treatments for aesthetic and therapeutic purposes. These applications include hair removal, photo rejuvenation (addressing skin pigmentation, sun damage, and thread veins), and mitigating dermatologic conditions such as acne.

Why Choose IPL Technology for Hair Removal?

IPL is a type of FDA-cleared light treatment that utilizes powerful pulses of a broad spectrum of polychromatic light. Its primary objective is to target the melanin in hair follicles, achieving permanent hair removal results. As the pigment absorbs light, it undergoes heating and destruction, leading to sparser and slower hair regrowth after each treatment.

What is the Frequency of Use?

For optimal results:

  • Use 3 times a week during the first month.
  • Use 2 times a week during the second and third month.
  • Subsequently, use once every half or one month after the third month.

When Can I See the Effects? Is it Permanent?

Most customers begin noticing significant hair reduction after 3-4 weeks, with complete effectiveness evident after 12 weeks of 2-3 treatments per week. Post each session, hair grows back sparsely and thinly, eventually leading to permanent reduction. To sustain smooth skin, one should undergo treatment every 2 to 3 months or as needed. It's crucial to understand that the outcome and treatment frequency vary case by case.

As per FDA regulations, permanent hair removal entails a 'continued and steady reduction of hair over a prolonged period,' a standard met by this approach. However, it's essential to note that even in clinical photo-therapy, the term 'permanent' may be subject to interpretation, as complete permanence is not guaranteed.

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Customer Reviews

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Jane Mckell
Top quality

Best purchase ever, this device is truly amazing, I've been using it for 4 weeks and see the noticeable reduction in hair growth. Highly recommended! I've ordered one more for gift my friend. Thank you Hair Contourer team. Merry Christmas!

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